Textile Science & Economy 2019  French-Croatian Forum is an international conference organized by University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology and Zagreb Innovation Centre (Technology Park Zagreb), in the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia, January 23rd to 24th 2019.

It is supported by French higher education institutions along with associations, companies and organizations actively involved in textile science and economy.

The conference is important scientific and economic event for the textile community of both countries but also for our COST ACTION 16227. Its aim is to bring together leading researchers, experts from the industry and students from both countries, to share their knowledge and exchange scientific ideas. Conference purpose is to inspire joint projects, to attract companies with interest in cooperation with both French and Croatian universities and to achieve better mobility for students and professors.

Conference Committees include distinguished experts from both countries.

Official conference languages are Croatian, English and French but all papers will be submitted in English

The Conference is organized with the support of our French High Education partners along with associations, companies and organizations actively involved in the Textile Science and Economy, all strong supporters in reinforcing bilateral relations. The goal of the Conference is to strengthen the textile community of both countries by bringing closer scientists and businessmen, as well as to present trends, technologies and future insights, for all those who are somehow involved in textiles. The main topic of the 2019 Conference is Trends and Future Directions in Textile Creativity, Innovation and Technology which will be highlighted with renowned French and Croatian plenary and keynote speakers, research and economy based, as well as with session and/or poster presentations.

TZG 2019 potential participants from other countries are very welcome to participate too.

At the same time the Science and Economy Fair will be held, where projects, patents, ideas presentations of the scientists, businessmen and students will be presented.

We expect productive networking, as well. For any further information please contact TZG Organizing Committee: TZG2019@ttf.hr and also you can Ana Marija Grancaric in ana.marija.grancaric@ttf.hr.

Detailed information are now available at: www.tzg2019.org

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