Biological and epidemiological research on vector borne diseases

The working group WG2 will investigate the effect of described avant-garde mosquito control measures on vector-borne disease burden, and bring scientific knowledge from laboratories and field studies together, incentivising new pilot studies in the patricipants’ institutions:

  • The applied controls using nano- and micro-technology will be investigated
  • The possible combination of the control measures with imperfect vaccines due to come soon to the market for some diseases, which on their own will not have the power to reduce disease burden significantly to the extent at which it is needed to achieve herd immunity, i.e. disease do not find enough susceptible to sustain large disease outbreaks.


  • To meet in formal COST Action Workshop yearly to discuss the delivery of the objectives;
  • To ensure close contact with WG3 and WG4 to translate results for mathematical parameters modelled in WG1
  • The translation of results achieved in other WGs in biological terms
  • Generation of biological models which can be used in WG1


  • Development of models implementing the new control measures
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