Structured population models and optimal control

This working group focus on the creation of new mathematical models for the transmission dynamics of mosquito-born diseases.

Different mathematical tools will be used and combined in order to better describe the reality and improve the state of the art on mathematical modelling of infectious diseases.

These models will be calibrated with real data. Some of the results may be obtained by the members of the Working Groups 3 and 4 of the COST Action. However, real data from other sources can also be used.

Optimal control theory is a powerful tool that can be used in outbreaks control and in the eradication of infectious diseases. New optimal control problems will be formulated and solved in order to find the optimal strategy for the control of epidemics with the minimal economical and social costs.


1) Create and analyze new mathematical models using different techniques.

2) Fit the models to mosquito-born diseases real data.

3) Describe the control measures studied in the WG3 and WG4 by control functions and propose new optimal control problems.

4) Solve analytically and numerically optimal control problems for outbreaks control and eradication of mosquito-born diseases.

5) Interact with multidisciplinary teams and translate the mathematical models and optimal control strategies to concrete and comprehensible public health solutions for the use of mosquito repellents and insecticides.

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