Data collection, communication and dissemination

Leader: Dr. Markus Schwehm, Germany
Vice Leader: Dr. Mirjana Milijevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Communication between Action participants and other stakeholders is crucial for the network. The collected data and results in different WGs is of high importance for achieving the goals of the Action. This network is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from theoretical modellers to practitioners pursuing field studies. Computer technology will be used to support this communication on various levels:

  • Mobile devices can be used to collect data in the field studies
  • Data bases provide collected data for further analysis
  • Interactive simulators help to understand properties of the derived models
  • Visualisation techniques help to communicate results to scientific journals and to the public.


  • To create and maintain expert network
  • To create databases for the field studies and gathering data from endemic countries where possible the collected data will be analysed for migration patterns and climate variability
  • Information exchange between different groups within this Action


  • Implementing a website
  • Creating a database of the collected results
  • Publication of results in high impact peer reviewed journals
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