Training Schools will provide intensive training in emerging research topics within the laboratories and organisations involved in the Action. The Guidelines for Action Management, Monitoring and Assessment should be followed to ensure the proper implementation of this networking instrument (see:


COST supports the participation of two categories of participants for their attendance at approved

Training Schools:

1. Trainers can be reimbursed for their travel, Accommodation and meal expenses in line with the eligibility rules specified in Section 5 of Vademecum. 

2. Trainees are entitled to receive a fixed grant

The following considerations must be respected when organising a Training School:

1. The Action MC must define from amongst eligible participants those trainers who are to be reimbursed. The Action MC must also define the financial contribution (in the form of a Trainee Grant) for each eligible trainee who will be attending the approved Training School. The Action MC can delegate the pre-mentioned tasks to the Action Chair (or Vice-Chair if the Action Chair is affiliated to

the Grant Holder Institution).

2. A Training School must have COST Action objectives as its main focus. The COST Action also has to be one of the primary organisers of the Training School and must be clearly promoted on all dissemination channels, namely the official website of the Action / event, brochures and all relevant training material.

3. A Training School must be held in a Participating COST Full Member / COST Cooperating Member or in an Approved NNC Institution.

4. There should be a reasonable country balance concerning trainee participation.

5. All attendees (both trainers and trainees) at approved Training Schools must sign the meeting attendance list on each day that they attend the event.

6. All attendees must also register for an e-COST profile at – each participant must add their bank details to their e-COST profile prior to receiving their e-COST invitation.

For more information please read VADEMECUM rules. 

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