IMAAC Was invited by Alstenda Global Alliance and AFRIMAC to participate in the satellite meetings around the 68th National prayer breakfast in 2020, getting the possibility to present our action in Global corporations.

In this dissemination act about IMAAC Activities that took place the first week of February 2020, Vice Chair Ana Marija Grancaric and Grant Manager Virginia Sanz Sánchez had the chance for networking and search for global partnerships, companies and research groups to join our COST action. 

During the stay, the members of IMAAC had the chance to meet representatives of global companies and governmental authorities, such as the International-American Development Bank (IDB), The Pan American Health Organization (, or Tetratech 

Pictures of the events can be found here:

Meeting with Tetratech:

Meeting with

Meeting with IDB:

Meeting with members of the Spanish Embassy in Washington and AFRIMAC:

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