A positive collaboration with AFRIMAC organization was established

Members of the IMAAC network met Canary Islands local authorities in an event hold in Fuerteventura.

The major of Fuerteventura, the Minister of Economical Affairs, innovation and employment and the Director of AFRIMAC organization were present in the event. 

.AFRIMAC is an initiative from the Inter-Insel Council of Fuerteventura, for Business, Technological, Enterprising and Innovative Exchange in areas of High Economic Impact between the Canary Islands and West Africa. 

Both IMAAC and AFRIMAC express their intention to promote a framework for action in which they can cooperate. 

Potential cooperation activities could be as follows:

  • The inclusion of IMAAC in the AFRIMAC platform as a point of reference in the case of  mosquito-borne diseases outbreaks.

  • The promotion of IMAAC’s network activities within the countries in which AFRIMAC operates

  • The development of cooperation programs and strategies to promote training in areas of mutual interest; including the organization of a Training School organized by IMAAC in Fuerteventura to which representatives from AFRIMAC countries can attend

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