The meeting started with a talk given by the Chair of the COST Action Dr. Peyman Ghaffari, where the aims and goals of the meeting and important informations about IMAAC were presented. 
The talks of the Working Groups Leaders Dr. Cristiana Silva and 
Prof. Dorota Mozyrska were replaced by an active discussion between all the WG Leaders, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the COST Action and all the participants of the meeting. It was decided that all efforts will be done to continue and start collaborations between the members of the COST Action in order to build new mathematical models for mosquito-born transmission dynamics, taking advantage from different skills and mathematical backgrounds of the participants in the meeting and in the COST Action. Furthermore, mathematical optimal control problems will be formulated and solved. The mathematical optimal control problems will integrate some of the mosquito control measures investigated and presented in the meeting by members of the WG4, for example: Prof. Ana Marija Grancaric “Repellent Efficacy of Textile Treated with Essential Oils for Combating with Aedes aegypti – Textile Wash Fastness Properties”; Prof. Dmitry Zaitsev
and Dr. Beti Andonovic on the “Application of Graphene in Mosquito Bite Prevention”;  Dr. Asghar Talbalaghi “Nano- Tech- Repellent: A promising Avant-grade Disease Control vectored by Arthropdos and Results of the Field Studies”; and Dr Elton Rogozi “A Century of mosquito control in Albania; past, present and future challenges”. 
Two participants presented stochastic mathematical models in the frame of the COST Action, namely, Prof. Bob Kooi a “Host-Vector epidemiological model” and Dr Urszula Skwara an “Analytical and numerical methods in stochastic modelling of vector-borne diseases”. 
From the optimal control theory point of view, three participants presented talks on the optimal control of vector- and water-born diseases: Prof. Kiril Lisichkov, Dr. Helena Sofia Rodrigues and Dr. Filipa N. Nogueira.
All presentations raised serious discussions and ideas for future work and possible publications in research journals. 
Dr Markus Schwehm as leader of the WG6, gave important information and ideas on the production of a Film on Mosquito Control. 
Prof. James R. Bozeman from American University of Malta gave an interesting talk and gave some informations about the next COST Action meeting where he will be the local organizer. 
Some pictures of the event:
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