At the present time, the significance of the theory of Petri nets increases in connection with the extension of application domains that include the organization of parallel computations, design of electronic devices, verification of network protocols, control of production processes and robotic systems, and traffic control. This list, which is far from complete, can be extended by such exotic object domains as the planning of military operations and simulation of nuclear and chemical reactions.

CA16227 action would like to start preliminary research on specification of a simulator for the spreading of vector borne diseases by cellular automata, including composition of corresponding model within environment of cellular automata simulation system and adjusting of model parameters according to known information from IMAAC Members on vector borne diseases.

The refinement of the colored Petri nets and adjusting parameters of the model based on public statistical information will be very necessary for developing an Early Warning System for epidemics.

Friday 23.10.2020 at 3:00 PM CEST,  Professor Dmitry A. Zaitsev, Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine will be holding an  international e-seminar on control systems will be given on
“Modeling by Infinite Petri Nets”
For Registration go to this site:
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