The MC members of CA 16227 met at AUM on 10th of December to have an overview of the progress of the action. 

Following up the MoU there was a progress report of working groups, and scientific planning of action budget, future activities and dissemination.

Main topics discussed were financial report, status update of the different Working Groups, and insights about the future projects of the action, that include:

  • Association IMAAC-NEXT to ensure continuity of the COST Action. 
  • Cape Verde Field Studies planned for 2020
  • Development of Help Desk in Collaboration with Afrimac Foundation and Public Health Institutes from Canary Islands. 
  • Creation of a Software development unit in order to develop Software as a Service (SaaS) for mathematical modeling. 
  • Creation of Web Video for promotion & dissemination of COST action activities. 
  • The approval of Publication of a Book about the Research of CA16227. 

Some pictures of the event can be find here:

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